Ecoworld LCL GmbH


Ecoworld LCL GmbH is a further company under the management of Klaus Bartelmuss who has over 30 years of successful management experience in the IBS Paper Performance Group, a world market leader with over 500 employees and annual revenues of 80 million euros.

In addition to headquarters in Teufenbach, Austria, the IBS Group ( has many subsidiaries in Knittelfeld, Austria, the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Finland, Liechtenstein and Indonesia. The experience and contacts gained over the course of the IBS Group’s activities have made it possible to be involved in the development of new, energy-saving technologies in the lighting sector from the ground up.

Ecoworld LCL GmbH specializes in the conversion, design and calculation of street lighting in cities and municipalities and has highly qualified employees from the energy sector at its disposal.

These energy specialists and lighting engineers are responsible for calculation, design and the associated energy-saving potentials. Our focus is extremely high quality and reliability in the LED luminaires employed – at reasonable prices. The rapid return on investment afforded by the energy savings and the low maintenance costs are of decisive importance for our projects.